At Last

Thursday 5th February 2009

February 5, 2009
At Last
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Eventually, I have my blog set up and am writing on it, it has taken my months to get round to this stage. I first heard on the 18th of November that I was the winner of the Hookline Novel Competition, it took me a few days to get used to the idea. I remember I was sitting on the floor in my son’s old bedroom, my partner Bill was trying to sort out my computer for me, whilst I pretended to understand what he was saying, getting a phone call was a welcome diversion. That phone call blew me out of the water…..more later, I need to find out if this blog going to work yet.
It is ironic really, that I start the blog today after finally sending off the last edit, we have done three re runs of the book since Nov 18th, Yvonne says now that, as far as I am concerned the book is cast in stone and I will need to get a chisel if I want to make any further alterations. We spent three hours on the phone on Monday afternoon going through the book, luckily Yvonne, unlike me, can think on her feet, and so was noting all the changes straight onto her computer, I was working off a paper version. Yesterday I ventured onto my emails to find that Yvonne wanted another change………oh no! I had used a line from a song and it was too risky to leave it in, unless we got permission of course, but we are running out of time. I took it out, I thought it would hurt taking it out, it did’nt, funnily enough I think it works better and is stronger without it.
I apoligise for my awful punctuation. Yes I am a writer who cannot punctuate. I can read a book and never notice the punctuation. What does this say about me as a writer? It says I have to enlist others help to edit my work, especially my partner Bill. THis can lead to heated arguments when he has changed something in a way I don’t want it changed. THe punctuation problem, if I should call it that, is a dyslexic trait, I eventually sought help and got tested whilst I was at Hallam. Just knowing was enough. I never told any of my tutors about the results, I wanted to be judged on my writing and not have my dyslexia taken into account, and yes I realise that this is fine for me but for people who have dyslexia more severely I’m not sure they would be so lucky. There is one huge advantage to being dyslexic, (Just realised I’ve ben spelling it wrong,) It is far easier to think outside the box because your brain works in a different way to non dyslexics, and when writing I do not to have the constant editor sitting on your shoulder. I can write pages and pages off all in one go with no thought to spelling and punctuation; that can come later.
I think I am going to enjoy writing this blog, I only meant to write one sentence to test it out and now I am upto 531 words – yes I am a word count junky.