Thursday 19th February 2009

this blog was supposed to go on the 12th of feb but I saved it in drafts instead of pressing the publish button – still learning

Yesterday I was just beginning to hope that I had a little bit of space to return to some new writing when I got a call from Yvonne the Editor at Bookline and Thinker. I knew that the novel had gone to an outside proof reader but Yvonne had told me that I wouldn’t be able to fiddle with it anymore so I felt my heart sink (sorry for the cliche but that is how it felt) when she said she wanted to talk to me about some points that the proof reader had thrown up. I was reassured to find out though that it was only one word- BUT – for such a small word it took a lot of sorting it took us all day, or me, well not all day but on and off and then today I rang Yvonne at 9.30 and we came to the conclusion between us that it was fine as it is. Creative writing,  I hate that term, It has become so cliched,  is a stange animal I am coming at it from a poetical point of view and Yvonne from a slightly more prosaic view, and who is right – both of us I think.

Earlier this week we discussed launchs and parties; it is all beginning to happen