The Star

Monday 23rd February 2009

On Thursday the 12th of Feb I got a call from the Star – Sheffield’s local paper. Yvonne from Bookline and thinker had sent them some publicity blurb and within hours they were phoning me up, I’m always amazed at how these publicity machines work, I’ve tried to get things in the paper before and got nowhere but Yvonne just uses her journalistic skills and hey presto so thank you Yvonne. I felt really vulnerable once I’d put the phone down on the reporter – what was he going to say about me. I was in the paper the following Tuesday the 17th, I needn’t have worried it was a good article and picture. I have been really touched by the response I have got – Flowers, pale peach roses left at my back door – congratulatory emails and people I didn’t think would be interested asking if they can come to the book launch. I realise now that my success however small touches other people that I know and for that I am glad