Thursday 26th February 2009

I have been spending weeks looking around for a suitable venue for the book launch in May. I got really fedup with the fact that there wasn’t the perfect place out there for me, or not on the night I wanted anyway. I had originally thought I would have the launch on Friday 8th of May, after asking Linda Lee Welsh, in her experience, which night of the week she thought the best. I found out pretty soon though that any good venues were booked up on a Friday night. One place I looked at was The Lescar, I had fond memories of holding a MAtter launch there and taking part in a Poetry Slam; no chance. I went to look at a suite at Bramall lane. It was wonderful, looked right over the pitch but was very expensive and did not somehow have the right feel so I have opted for one of the hubs, I’ve even returned the application form. When I recieve back confirmation I shall then have to start thinking about the organisation. We want music. We want to party