A Trip to Oxford

Sunday 5th April 2009

On the third of April Bill, my partner, who is also a writer, and I went to Oxford for the day. The literary festival was on. The sun came out just as we got on the park and ride bus. I love Oxford in the sun. We attended two events: Disability in the Novel, which all turned out to be a bit ramshackle ( mind you in their defense the organiser Tony P…. had been taken to hospital). The undisabled people were trying to be too PC and the disabled people having the advantage were being  un PC, which I loved. There was a bloke there – on the podeum, called Nigel Smith who, it says on his blurb is a journalist and TV writer. He was the sanest and funniest bloke there -mind you he didn’t have to try hard. I bought his book – I Think There is Something Wrong With Me – Its really funny, about his experiences of getting ill and there was me thinking he’d had some glamorous accident whilst rock climbing or something. More about my reasons for attending this event etc in the next episode……