Great Comment

Wednesday 15th April 2009

Some of the comments I have been getting back from people who I have sent invites to are so wonderful I thought I’d share some. 

This one is from Dave Swann, who I met on a writing holiday at Loutro in Crete – if anyone is interested – an idilic place to write you can only get there by ferry. 

So pleased to hear about your book. Really great that one of the good guys has broken thro the enemy lines!

How many of us writers feel like that – most of us I would suspect.  I have just been looking on the London Book Fair site  to see what seminars I maybe interested in attending – none was my conclusion as you see the London Book Fair strangley enough is not really about writers but publishers and all that the book industry entails which somehow doesn’t much seem to include writers. I know I’m being a bit facetious here but, and I think this is what Dave is trying to get across – that writers have little control of their own industry.

Dave is a writer and lecturer at Chichester and has written a great collection of short stories called Johnnie North and is very good at yomping across the headlands in Crete and diving off the rocks where the ferry comes in.