Hypnotherapy Article

Tuesday 21st July 2009

Today I have been working on an article on hypnotherapy. I am doing it in conjuction with hypnotherapist Kimberley Willis who I had a session with for teeth grinding - I did the blog up to here last night on my Iphone and then gave up. Think blogs on Iphones need to be short. One word in fact. The blog dog got me on Sunday again but yesterday I was determined to do it so Iphoned at 11.30. Why is life so busy? Am I allowed to have Sundays off? I now don't grind my teeth anymore, but I might do by the time I've finished the article. I can write creatively, and I suppose I can write an article but it is really hard work and takes me ages. I now, having read, or tried to read so many articles where I've got bored after the first paragraph, try to weave a narrative structure into the piece. I think it works.