Uncontactable Journalists

Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Does anyone out there know the secret of contacting journalists. You go to the newspaper website, no numbers for the paper or  journalists. You go on yellowpages – get a number – aah at last I am getting somewhere, but no what in fact you get is the fax line and having got rid of my fax years ago I can’t even send a fax. You google the journalist you want to contact, articles she has written come up, very interesting, but how do you get hold of her? I finally compose an email and put her name and the newspaper name and .co.uk and send it off into the ether. Will it come back? – watch this space. Will I get a reply? Damn forgot to tick the box to see if she at least reads it?  So the question is how do journalists get any work if they can’t be contacted? Do they do all the contacting and if that is the case doesn’t that make the news rather skewed?