Different Views

Wednesday 4th September 2013

I am busy editing my website and getting it ready to go live and I have been struck by a strange phenomenon: when I edit something in the back end I then have to go to the front end to check it. Why? Because for some strange reason, unless I see the text in the flesh, so to speak, I don't see any of the errors. Why should this Be? I've no idea but it's not the first time that something similar has happened. When I was working with my editor to getting my novel ready for publication, she put it into a publishing format for me, so it looked like it would on the page and reading the work in this view made me see the work from a totally different angle and I noticed things that needed correcting even though I had already edited the work many times. And it is not only me who has noticed this phenomenon: my partner Bill Allerton, is just getting his novel, The Fox and The Fish, ready for publication on Kindle and putting the working into a publishing format has allowed him to view the text in a totally different way. I suppose this all leads to the question: Should writers write in a publishing format from the start? An interesting concept. Maybe I shall try it!