Outwood Book Group

Thursday 10th October 2013

Last night I went to Outwood near Wakefield in West Yorkshire to visit the Outwood reading group. I hope they had as fun an evening as I did. After I'd read a passage from my novel, The China Bird, they asked me lots of questions about the stroy and how I'd written it and then we went on to discuss their experiences of partaking in the judging of the Hookline Novel Competition. They showed me the books, that they had recieved from Hookline, with a collection of the first three chapters that had been submitted. They were beautifully presented and I was very impressed. To me it was facinating to see how the judging worked from their angle and what books they liked and didn't and how they all had different views. This method of picking a book, I reaised, is truly democratic and I feel proud to be one of the novelists chosen. I owe a big thank you to all Hookline Book Groups, for their tireless work and dedication.