Jojo Moyes

Wednesday 12th March 2014

 Isn't it strange how you hear of someone for the first time and then within a few days you come across them again. A couple of Sundays ago I was passing through my living room whilst the TV was on and I happened to catch a programme called, Meet The Author. Immediatly I was facinated and postponed the making of my cup of tea to watch.

The presenter introduced the author as Jojo Moyes. He also introduced her as a writer of Women's fiction and I'm not sure if it was in the tone of his voice or whether is was my interpretation but I thought - oh she's a Mill's and Boon writer, that's why I've never heard of her.

On then listening to the interview I began to think that this was not the case. She talked about her most recent book, One Plus One, and a book she wrote before that called, Me Before You, which was about a young man who was a paraplegic and  wanted to take his own life. The book had been very well recieved all around the world, but not so much in the UK, where the author is little known. Apparently she is especially popular in Germany. I wonder why this happens. I have heard of other authors who have had the same experience: The crime writer Simon Beckett is an example.  

A few days later I was doing some research on Writing Therapy on Kate Thompson's blog, Theraputic Journal:

When I came across this quote:

One of my students on an ethics course in an existential setting said to me that unfortunately, now that term had started, she was unable to find time to read novels. This seems such a deprivation that I was happy to be able to help her with a couple of relevant suggestions from my recent reading:

Stoner – John Williams  (is he an existential hero?)

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes  (whose death is it anyway?)

I look forward to reading Jojo Moyes' work.