Book Swap Durham

Monday 25th August 2014

The Book Swap Durham, Book Group Evening
When I got to my B&B in Durham on the afternoon of the book group meeting, I’d rung Annette, the organizer, and she had kindly invited me to come round to her house and get my bearings. Between us we arranged her room and she gave me, what she called the throne, to sit in for the evening.
At 7.45 I returned and the room was already full. I used to be nervous about attending book groups but I have always found them to be such good fun, and the people so welcoming, that I in fact now look forward to them.
As a writer it was truly wonderful to meet so many avid readers and especially Naomi Hopper who had also devoured  ‘The Twin Books’  by when she was a child. (see more under, My story - My childhood writers.

Before I left Annette gave me a copy of ‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeme Simsion. It didn’t really look like my kind of book but on her recommendation I gave it a go and loved it. In fact I enjoyed it so much it gave me back my love of reading; when you are doing a lot of critiquing you can sometimes temporarily lose your love of reading.
Annette used the evening to raise funds for the charity 'Womankind Worldwide' 
Thank you everyone for a lovely evening.