My Top Ten Writing Tips

Tuesday 10th March 2015

bryony doran at work



        As a coach I often get asked, how do you actually find the time to write? It isn't always time that is the problem. if you want to do something enough

        you'll find the time. Here are a few ways tricks to get things working.


  •  1         Write something everyday, if only for ten minutes
  •  2         If you get stuck write by hand
  •  3         On your first draft don't edit as you write
  •  4         Join a writing group
  •  5         Keep a paper notebook or your phone nearby for ideas
  •  6         Once you've written something put it aside for at least a week
  •  7         Read your work out loud
  •  8         Don't always write for an end product
  •  9         Have an organised filing system on your computer and keep all versions
  • 10        Go on a writing retreat