Author Quirks

Friday 1st May 2015

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Author Quirks

Here is a piece from The Hookline Books newsletter about my early experiences of being published. I still think that book covers are a hugely contentious area!

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Bryony Doran was our first Hookline author - a brave and patient soul. In those desperately naive days, we believed that book covers should be democratically chosen by book groups and we upset so many people - those who favoured what wasn't chosen and Waterstones, who said the cover was wrong for the genre - they were right! We also pitched up at the London Book Fair and filled our entire book stand with copies of The China Bird - we quickly realised this was far from sophisticated.
Thankfully, Bryony has stayed with us through all our errors and it seems we have done a few things right. The ebook version of The China Bird once topped JK Rowling by selling more than 8,000 copies in a single month. Last year we published her short story collection, The Sand Eggs. She is now working on a poetry collection focusing on mothers when sons go to war.

 All Hookline fiction is chosen by book groups. Submissions come only from students and graduates of MA writing courses. We are the only publisher to bring together new writers and serious readers.
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