I like to work with a writer in an intuitive, non-directional, non-judgmental way, to enable them to reflect, to articulate, explore and define their potential and the possibilities available to them.

I help the writer with issues around their writing, such as:
Attaining goals
Moving forward


A One-Off Coaching Session

This session lasts approximately one and half to two hours, during which time I help the writer to reflect on, articulate and define the goal that they have chosen, and move towards a resolution.

I ask the writer to fill out a pre- session form before starting the sessions. (Please click on the link below to download the form). Completing this form also helps the writer to evaluate their goals and allows me to have some insight into their needs prior to our meeting.

A Series Of Coaching Sessions

It is entirely down to the writer to decide, after the first session, whether they would like more sessions, and if so how many and how far apart.