The China Bird

Layer_11Seeing beauty in Edward’s twisted spine, a young art student begs him to sit for her. Dubious but flattered, Edward is awakened from years of apathy, and experiences emotions he cannot suppress. But vulnerability can bring strength. This tale of secrecy, love and eventual understanding explores our perceptions of beauty and abnormality.

"A delicate and unusual novel that explores the precariouness

of relationships with precision and insight."

Libby Michael, author

Chosen by book groups to win the Hookline Novel Competition. Readers said:

"A very enjoyable read. I was with the characters throughout and wanted to know what happened to them ... I look forward to seeing this in book shops."

Clapham Library reading group


A facinating read showing realistic reactions to disability and 

Edward's emotions. The painting and drawing of Edward by Angela

added considerably to the defining of their characters and sustained interest

thoughout. I liked the way the characters of friends and family wrere revealed

and how they influenced the life of the main characters."

South Woodford Library reading group.