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For a writer published by a small independant company, reviews are my life blood. For instance, here is a review from doglover25 at dooyoo.


'Kindle Find"

Advantages: Beautiful and intriguing.
Disadvantages: Could take you slightly out of your comfort zone.

This book was one of my "kindle finds". Since purchasing my kindle, I often look for books that are cheap but have a 4-5 star review. I mainly do this as I want to widen my horizons when it comes to reading and this method usually throws up a few books that I would never have come across otherwise. When I read the synopsis for China Bird I was intrigued...this isn't my usual genre of fiction but after reading a couple of rave reviews I thought I would give it a bash ...

I really do appreciate the fact that readers take the time to write a review, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written one.

To date, I have many reviews and counting, on Amazon and other sites; more than I could ever have wished or hoped for.
I love getting reviews, even the critical ones. It has been a revelation to me that what one person loves another hates. I’ve had to learn that I cannot write to suit everybody. That isn’t to say that I don’t take on board and learn from the critical comments, especially if they are raised several times.

Below, is a small selection of miscellaneous reviews.

Rob Around Books:

In a Nutshell: Doran’s The China Bird is a real triumph, a literary classic which should be, and must be, eagerly consumed by readers of all tastes.
I would say that The China Bird is a real triumph; a novel which should be eagerly consumed by readers of all tastes. In a work of fiction where the primary storyline focuses on deformity attracting beauty, it’s easy, as I did at the start of this review, to describe The China Bird as a modern-day Beauty and the Beast. Thinking back on it though, proffering such a epithet on The China Bird is to do it a real disservice. The depth and sublimity of Doran’s literary creation goes way beyond anything that a classic fairy tale could offer, making The China Bird stand out as a true classic in its own right.
I applaud Bryony Doran for creating a wonderful novel, and I pass on my abiding praise to those responsible for choosing The China Bird as the winner of the 2008 Hookline Novel Prize. You all have incredibly good taste.

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The Book Bag:

To steal a word from another reviewer, it is a delicate novel. Not over-emotional it hovers like an insistent moth around the edges of your consciousness, quietly insisting that you turn just one more page. Spot-on characterisation ensures you will have a view on each of the protagonists, a view that will change as the book moves back and forth, but one, which will always have you wanting to know what will become of their hopes and dreams and disasters.
As satisfying as the ending is in balancing the book, that wanting-to-know won't go away very easily. But then, isn't that the point of art? To be instructional, life affirming, but always to leave you with a little uncertainty?
I'd like to thank the author for sending a copy to The Bookbag.

***** "Bryony Doran has a poet’s eye for detail and colour, and her central characters are sympathetically drawn and entirely believable, making the reader anxious to know what will happen to them. This unusual novel lingers with you long after the final page has been read."
Berlie Doherty, The Company of Ghosts.

A beautifully written book, in which an unusual relationship is closely observed and rendered with great sensitivity. Bryony Doran looks beyond surface appearance, to reveal the workings of her characters' hearts with honesty and compassion.

Judith Allnatt, author of 'The Poet's Wife"

The China Bird defies categorisation. It is a very well written in a detailed literary fashion, but it is also quite sexy - or it seemed to this reader.

Alan James Brown, author of 'Love-a-Duck'

"Very accomplished first novel.  An unflinching study of family history"
Joan Deitch editor


***** "Wonderful imagery. A very moving and sensitive book. I read a lot of books but to be honest rarely does a story and imagery stay with me so strongly as the China Bird...a simple story, wonderfully told. I savoured every word."

AM Lewis "Icarus" (Buxton, Derbyshire United Kingdom 24 May 2009  

***** "I carved out a weekend to read this book from start to finish and could not put it down. The characters are so well written about that you start to feel that you know them. The writing depicts situations and emotions that I could truly identify with and I cried whilst reading it. I hope that there are more novels to come from this very talented writer."
Patricia Higgins

***** "A sensitive exploration of disability.  The portrayal of a person with a disability was superb, as Edward displayed  fiesty characteristics not often associated with a person with a disability."
Karen Davies

"I liked the way that the language used for Edward was slow and ponderous to suit the characterI loved the bits about tailoring."
Cathy Dean 


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