Fun With Poems

The Fun With Poems book also contains some traditional poems so as to provide complete coverage of all types of poetry required by the National Literacy Strategy. All the poems may be photocopied, so you can make multiple copies, overhead transparencies or even enlarge them to make your own big book! The detailed teacher's notes will enable you to make the most of the poems, but most of all, we hope you and your pupils will enjoy this wonderful collection!

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The poem I have published in Fun with Poems is called Safe Crossing
It is written in the voice of a ten-year old boy. My son who was about this age at the time, came home from school and told me that a friend of his had been run over the night before. This friend had previously told my son that using The School Crossing Lady was only for wimps. Luckily my son’s friend had not been killed but he ended up in a wheel chair for six months. My son felt especially sorry for him because his friend didn’t get to go to the park after school to play footie with his friends.
Although I also felt very sorry for the boy, I was glad that my son had learnt a valuable lesson. I decided to write the poem to try and put across to other children, especially boys,  what the consequence can be of not crossing with The School Crossing Lady!

Paired with my poem Safe Crossing is a poem called No Ordinary Day by Moira Andrew.

The poem describes how the children stand at the school gate and wait for the body of their friend Adrian to pass in a hearse. Although the poem does not tell us directly, it infers that Adrian was knocked down and killed by a car.


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