Short Story

If pushed I’d have to say that short story writing is my favourite medium. Although I love novel writing, once I've started down that road I find my whole life is then consumed by the enormity of the project, whereas with a short story, I can put it down once I've done the first draft and come back to it, even months later, and find that I have not lost the thread or essence of the story.

I think I prefer writing a short story to a poem, though if an idea presents as a poem, then that's what I have to go with. I feel more confident in the quality of a story than I do of a poem, and I somehow feel freer when writing a short story, especially when it comes to the editing stage. 

With both, there is that same pleasure at the beginning, - of catching a fleeting moment and not knowing where it will take you.

Writing short stories has taken me on many adventures: I have read at The Festival Hall, London, Hay-on-Wye, and numerous other venues throughout the UK.