The Sand Eggs

Layer_14A young woman is thrust into a foreign culture, a sister is excluded by widowhood, an older woman returns to a once familiar land. Bryony Doran’s short stories carry a note of seductive isolation.
But do we alienate ourselves? Or do we misinterpret the signs around us?

Written with the same unflinching compassion that marked Bryony Doran's impressive debut novel, The China Bird”.
David Swann, The Privilege of Rain

These stories hatch one after the other bringing life to stark, poignant moments.
Ruby Soames, Seven Days to Tell You

Gives us rare glimpses of stifling family life seen from the eyes of a young English woman who is hovering watchfully on the edge.”
Berlie Doherty, White Peak Farm

"Alienation takes many forms... explicit here in a single red shoe, symbolic by the shape of an egg in the sand, the social exclusion of sudden illness or accident, the headscarf of a cultural divide, the loss of identity and a wish and grasp for change that finds any life better than a void... and the self-imposed exile of fear."
Bill Allerton: 'The Fox and the Fish' http://