****** Fantastic
I really enjoyed these short stories. They were so profound and well written, was really sad when I had finished.
I need to read them again as I don't think I totally absorbed everything first time round. The Red Shoes left me in tears as did The Hair Of The Prophet (this evoked a lot of personal memories)
I didn't think Bryony Doran could top her first book The China Bird but she certainly has in such a brilliant way....I am looking forward to her next one.

Justine Carruthers.


***** The Sand Eggs by Bryony Doran

I found this to be a very accessible and beautifully written collection of short stories. Each piece is finely drawn and moves fluently through the experiences and feelings of the characters. The voices vary in age, though many are of a young woman's struggle with unknown ways, places and people. The stories are set in Britain and Turkey. A range of relationships is explored: newly-forming, established, temporary and unexpected. Themes include those of dislocation, intimacy, distance, leaving and loss.

I engaged very quickly with the new voices of each story and the strong visual/sensory nature of its context. At the end a feeling remained that there are several layers and directions of experience to absorb. This together with the lyrical language left me with the urge to read them all again.

Jane Monarch.


*****Jaw Dropping Moments, 
These stories pull you in, absorb your senses and leave you feeling a little breathless. They range from stories of the English in Turkey to the foreigner in the UK - all absorbing!

Yvonne Barlow "Author: Quick, Boil Some Water"