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Bryony Doran 
September 2017

Watch and Wait



Twenty Authors have given of it freely. Their gifted stories are eclectic, strangely familiar or great and good fun, often weirdly nostalgic in ways that will question your perception but all, without exception, are of the highest quality. There are household names and major prize winners, alongside others who soon will be... so just...

Watch & Wait...

All stories in this anthology were donated by the authors to raise funds for The Lymphoma Association. Watch and Wait was collated and published by Bill Allerton at Cybermouse Multi Media.

Authors that donated stories include: Marina Lewicka, Susan Elliott Wright, Berlie Doherty, Danuta Reah, Bryony Doran, Rony Robinson, Lesley Glaister, Judith Allnatt, Ian MacMillan, Bill Allerton and nine others. The art work and cover were donated by illustrator, Emma J Graham.

My story in the collection is titled, ‘Suppose I Was to Tell You...' and has become the basis for my latest novel.

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