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Bryony Doran 

Author and Mentor

I am a writer of both prose and poetry. My first novel, The China Bird, was published after winning the Hookline Novel Competition in 2009, and was followed in 2013 by my short story collection, The Sand Eggs

My poetry collection, 'Bullet Proof', was published in 2016 in Home Front – a quadrilogy of book-length sequences by female poets living in a state of separation from husbands or sons serving in a war zone. 

I was born in a youth hostel on Dartmoor, where my parents were the wardens. I grew up in Cornwall and went on to study fashion at Manchester. I then later took an MA in Writing at Sheffield Hallam University

I now live in Sheffield with my partner, Bill Allerton, who is also a writer and publisher. I have one grown-up son.

I'm an Associate of The Writers Workshop in Sheffield and offer Writing For Wellbeing classes.
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