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A three line poem
consisting of five, seven

and five syllables.

A few months ago I decided I would set myself the discipline of writing a Haiku a day as a way of gleaning ideas from the outside world and of creating material for my tweets. Here are a few of my efforts...

Writers should step out

to awaken the senses

then go home, sated.

Magnolia buds

scorched by the March sun

lie on April snow.

With your angel dress

I track you across cinder,

let your hands speak.

Like a skein of geese

your hands skim the polished floor,

hands searching outwards.

A good gardener has

to be ruthless, to allow

her garden to thrive.

We cannot see the

wind, only the effect it

has on other things.

The moon chases me

out into the night to walk

with my face lifted.

Snow will tell its own

story, laying down a blank

sheet for footprints.

Look out for haiku

in my daily twitter feeds.
A song for birds.

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